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Tectight’s storage experts will provide professional advice and tailored storage solutions that will suit both your budget and business requirements.

Tectight is well-versed in storage infrastructure assessment and developing solutions that cater to our clients’ specific business needs.

As a critical component of your company’s infrastructure, a host of factors must be considered when investing in a storage solution:

  • Choosing the correct storage solution:
    Implementing the correct data storage solution will ensure a reduction in latency, improved response times and maximise availability of the data.
    You may also elect to implement a faster and self-learning storage, that learns the behaviour of your data and enables a more efficient turnaround on decisions.
  • Keeping the cost manageable:
    Total-cost-of-ownership by looking at tiered hybrid storage solutions, which meet all your business requirements at a reasonable cost. It is also possible, using this approach, to utilise existing storage as part of the solution.
  • Workload Accommodations:
    Different workloads require different solutions. An end-to-end storage solution should accommodate AI-based workloads and Big Data processing, should this be required.

Tectight’s certified engineers recommend fit-for-purpose solutions to your business, based on extensive experience in numerous industries.

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